The Mini FAB is a Studio of 32m2. It includes a small kitchen,
a tiled bathroom, a double height dining space, a living area with
a sofa bed complemented by a loft space above, accessible by a step-type

The Mini FAB living areas open on two sides to decks allowing variety of
orientations. The entrance and the technical shed are ideally orientated
to the East and South. The technical shed is a store that can
includes a Tesla battery pack, a hot water cylinder, a heat pump
condenser and acts as rubbish store.

With one side of the 3x9 metre structure filled with windows, the hut can
take advantage of views and have a connection to the exterior.
The roof form allows for solar panels to be installed at an efficient
angle and the Mini FAB to be an energy positive solution with
the correct equipment.

The Mini FAB prototype was build and assembled in 2017