The project intention is to develop the Pukeiti Garden lodge from the traces of the original Pukeiti Members Lodge, for the members to meet and hold and visitors to come to respire and recover from the walk in the garden.

The design was inspired by the formation of the unique landscape typography and the geology, along with the volcanic formation of the mountainous surrounds and the rainforest.

The interesting aspect of the site lies as much in the heritage bungalow and its artefacts as in the open spaces covered by mature rain trees. These spaces are shaded throughout the year by a canopy of thinly wide spread leaves from the rain trees projecting a soft filtered light onto the ground.

Our proposal attempts to develop the idea of continuously differentiated spaces, with no defined boundary into the envelop of the building.

Uniting the history of the site, the history of the local Iwi and the formation of the garden by the Trust, we develop notions of a rich layering in minerals and plant life, which served a significant purpose in the development of Pukeiti and the wider Taranaki region. Ochre, timber, andesite and clay, as well as the dense foliage of the rainforest are all interwoven elements part of the characteristics and heritage of the Taranaki region. We have extracted these resources, developing a concept that reawakens once key materials, adapting them into a contemporary setting.